SEATTLE (Feb. 9, 2016) – Event Transportation Associates (ETA) announced today that the 25-year-old company is introducing new branding that better reflects its event transportation services, including professional traffic engineering. The new logo also communicates the company’s continued focus on green practices and helping clients understand how their events can be managed to incorporate transportation efficiencies that result in less CO2 emissions.

With the introduction of professional traffic engineering, ETA has the capacity of better planning contingencies and improving traffic flow for large capacity events where attendance can be expected to be more than 20,000. “These large venue events are usually planned with city traffic engineering departments, because of the local permit requirements and impacts to the roadway network,” said Hollingsworth. “Now that ETA offers this component to clients, we can streamline the design and planning process, making it extremely efficient.”“I am thrilled to introduce new branding that communicates our mission to design, plan, and then implement transportation services that include the traffic engineering component,” said Janie Hollingsworth, P.E., ETA’s CEO.

The logo also reflects the fact that ETA is committed to protecting the environment. “We have consistently led the event transportation industry in green practices,” said Brian Clark, ETA’s chief operations officer. “Since 2001, ETA has been committed to a clean fuel program for convention groups and associations.”

But, Clark said, the real savings occurs in lessening enroute times of large vehicles at conventions and other large attendance events. He points to ETA’s transportation management of the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. “We fueled all convention shuttle buses with bio-diesel, a cutting edge fuel at that time, which captured fuel and emissions efficiencies,” said Clark. . “But we ensured on-time scheduling of buses, which resulted in meeting a strict timetable for the Convention, which was televised. We were able to deliver delegates on time, and by doing that, we also reduced carbon dioxide emissions because large vehicles were operating on the streets less—a true win-win scenario.”

The new logo shows a highway and bike path leading into a city. The image is placed inside a blue locator icon with a green leaf overlaid on the upper left side of the icon, which represents the company’s commitment to green efficiencies.

In addition to the new branding, ETA will roll out a new website in 1Q 2016 that will better communicate its values and practices.

About Event Transportation Associates (ETA)

ETA, founded in 1991, provides full service event transportation services for special events, including conventions, large venue, or highly visible complex events, VIP transfers, airport meet-and-greets, and shuttling. Services include transportation design, planning, and management, vehicle logistics, and professional traffic engineering services. Known for innovative solutions that are environmentally friendly, ETA is headquartered in the Greater Seattle area with offices in Denver, Fort Worth, Texas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Fla., and Phoenix.