Sixth in a series that describes ETA’s role at the DNC and tips for transportation event planning

The balloons have fallen, and the DNC has made history, electing Hillary Rodham Clinton as its presidential nominee.

ETA made history, too. Back in April 2016, we began designing the official license plate for the 2016 DNC. That job fell to me, Linda Jacobson.

Each year, the DNC makes a handful of limited edition license plates to commemorate the convention. When I got the call to begin designing, here’s what I knew:

  1. The deadline was the next day.
  2. ETA wanted to give a nod to the City of Philadelphia for hosting the convention.

I got to work! After doing some research (like finding a license plate template), I drafted four comps, or mock-ups, of the plate, ranging from two color, which would be a reasonable cost to print, to eight color, which would be pretty expensive to print. (I know—what was I thinking?)

I received word within two days which design had been selected by the DNC’s Transportation Committee. Then I went to work, refining the design six times.

Below is the final design, along with a picture of the actual printed license plate.

In large venue event transportation, having someone skilled in design and branding can help in the event planning process, including bus marketing. Be sure you have this area covered by professionals.

(And in case you’re wondering, I am definitely going to put this on my resume.)

ETA’s submission for 2016 DNC official license plate
Official license plate for 2016 DNC designed by ETA